Students: Welcome to Health Professions Pathways!

As you explore careers, you should know what skills, strengths, and personality traits you bring to the workplace.

Assessments can help you figure out these things. They are fun tools that show what you're good at and how well you match different careers.

Explore careers that would be a good fit for you.

The self-assessments in the previous section gave you the opportunity to learn about you: your career interests, skills, work values, and personality. Resources in this section (on the left) can help you apply that information to your career search.

Setting goals is an excellent way to provide direction and purpose.

The more you can clearly define these goals (and revise them as needed), the more likely you are to achieve career and life success. Goals can help you to channel your energy towards meaningful activities as you continue along your journey.

In college, coursework is typically more demanding than what you experienced in high school.

Or perhaps it has been a while since you have taken classes. You may find that you need to develop some of your academic skills in order to be successful.

Before you job search
  • Think about the job. Know which positions meet your personal and career goals before you apply. Consider location, schedule and pay.
  • Think about you. What kind of skills, experience and education do you have to offer an employer?

Use the resources on the left for valuable help searching for a job.

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